My Story

Both my husband and I grew up on farms where long days and hard work were just what you did. We both had grandmas and moms that loved to bake, cook and garden and so following in those footsteps just seemed natural to us. Coming home from school with the smell of fresh bread out of the oven and doughnuts out of the hot oil was mmm good. The smell of cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven or that apple pie oozing from the top of the crust was a little touch of love. The canner with steam rolling out the top making preserves over the summer from jams and jellies to salsa and pickles filling jars and lining the cold room shelves just puts a country girl in her happy place.

Living on a farm northeast of Camrose and growing our own and making much of our own food has been part of our lives since we were first married and raising our family of five children! We love knowing where our food comes from and being able to go fetch a pail of fresh potatoes and a handful of carrots for supper is just great.

Spring lettuce, onions, radishes are such a delight after a long winter and shortly after those fresh potatoes prepared with cream and dill or chives invite summer to our home. Baby carrots with browned butter, raw or in the pickle jar are always enjoyed. Everyone waits patiently for the first rhubarb cake of the year sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. And then the fresh garden peas, beans, cucumbers are summer delights. Followed by fresh corn on the cob in the pot, BBQ or over an open fire, beets in the frying pan, beet relish along side a nice piece of roast beef or pickled in the jars for winter add a nice touch to any meal. Cabbage for coleslaw, cabbage rolls or fried cabbage with onions are delightful.

Raspberries devoured fresh, in tart jams and jellies or into a bumble berry pie! Fresh tomatoes for those toasted tomato sandwiches are simply amazing. Salsa jars line the cold room shelves and fresh made tomato soup has become a new pleasure. And at last the tart green apples sliced between two flakey pie crusts stack the freezer for winter treats.

We love fresh veggies, picked fresh from the land and we have enjoyed sharing over the years and decided to expand and allow others to experience fresh raw, cooked or processed for winter enjoyment.
Watch for recipes as each crop comes into season.

We look forward to delivering fresh garden produce. And….for those of you who are concerned about how your veggies have been handled – We do not use herbicides or pesticides in our gardens.

At our house, fresh baking and traditional foods also are a simple pleasure. Home made breads, cakes, doughnuts, cookies, pies have always been part of our home. And having married a Ukranian boy, I learned how to make some of those traditional items as well and sometimes add our own little twist.